Why You'll Need to Consider Live Streaming your Event Post-Lockdown


Live Streaming - Computer Set Up

Welcome, to our thoughts on Live Streaming. There is no doubt that once we emerge from the current part-quarantine situation that we’re all in in this country, things will take a long time to go back to normal. So what does that mean for events? At least initially, they’re going to look a little different. Conferences will most likely be the first to return, followed perhaps by Charity Events, Weddings, and Birthday Parties in that order.

But what will these events look like? It’s unlikely they will be exactly the same as before, at least in the short term. Some people, particularly those of age or with underlying health conditions, are certainly going to be slightly more reticent to attend events. Firstly, for travel reasons. In London in particular, public transport is pretty packed, and you certainly cannot keep any sort of distance from other commuters travelling in. These people may have concerns about interacting with people at the event itself too.

Moreover, this virus has hit the economy HARD. So not everyone can afford to travel, particularly if they’re travelling long distances. So why not endeavour to include all of these people by livestreaming your event? Livestreaming (or webcasting) was already on the rise in the past few years with businesses, particularly as it was saving businesses a great deal of money on transport costs. This of course isn’t just limited to the financial expense of air travel and accommodation, but also time away from the office.

So what can live streaming do for you? Well, firstly, you will need to decide on the arrangement of your speakers. Are you just having one presenter speak from the podium, or multiple? Are they going to be moving around? If it’s the earlier, one fixed camera on the lectern could work well. If they’re going to be moving around, or you want to have the presentation in the shot too, a camera that can pan and tilt might be a better option.

Secondly, are you having a panel session? If so, it is advisable to have additional cameras. This way, the operator can pre-set their shots so that each one has 2 presenters in view. They can then instantly cut to whoever is speaking in a seamless fashion. Finally, do you want to have shots of the audience for when they ask questions? If so, it is advisable to have another camera (or more, depending on the size of the venue) so that your external viewers can see who’s asking the question.

Lastly, you will need to consider what sort of interaction you want from your viewers. Do you want them to be able to ask questions in a chat box? If so, you can have another laptop set up at the venue, which can be directed to the presenter on stage to read out said questions. Or do you want another team from an office abroad to tune in and provide both a video and audio feed? Anything is possible with the right planning and equipment.

We hope this has provided a brief overview of why and how live streaming can be of huge benefit to your upcoming events. You may also want to team up your live streaming hire with a sound system and lighting rental. For more information or if you’d like us to answer any queries, please contact us.


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