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The Best DJ Course in London

  London Sound Academy is well known for providing the best DJ courses in London. They offer one-to-one DJ lessons at Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced levels. It’s the most flexible course too, you can choose your own tutor and your own lesson times! Both their London DJ studios are open seven days a week and lessons are available every day at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.  London Sound Academy has become the most famous DJ academy in London because they organise amazing benefits for all their graduates. LSA is a close-knit community and graduates join the LSA alumni group which is full of DJs, producers, label-owners, promoters and music industry professionals. It’s a thriving community where you grow as an artist.  What’s more, LSA organises DJ gigs for all their DJ course graduates. Students can DJ at famous venues including Ministry of Sound, Egg London, 02 Brixton Academy, SW4 festival and dozens of smaller clubs and bars! Once a year they also

Why You'll Need to Consider Live Streaming your Event Post-Lockdown

  Welcome, to our thoughts on Live Streaming. There is no doubt that once we emerge from the current part-quarantine situation that we’re all in in this country, things will take a long time to go back to normal. So what does that mean for events? At least initially, they’re going to look a little different. Conferences will most likely be the first to return, followed perhaps by Charity Events, Weddings, and Birthday Parties in that order. But what will these events look like? It’s unlikely they will be exactly the same as before, at least in the short term. Some people, particularly those of age or with underlying health conditions, are certainly going to be slightly more reticent to attend events. Firstly, for travel reasons. In London in particular, public transport is pretty packed, and you certainly cannot keep any sort of distance from other commuters travelling in. These people may have concerns about interacting with people at the event itself too. Moreover, this virus has hit